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What is Continuous Filter Belt Screens?

Continuous Filter Belt Screen is a self-suggestive that the product is in a consistent form, without any break. It’s an ideal innovation for the industries where plastic molten filtration is done on a continuous process without any supervision. It is also known as Ribbon Filter Screen

Continuous Filter Belts are typically woven using high tensile and graded stainless steel materials on a Reverse Dutch Weave pattern that weaves very sturdy and durable wire meshes. It can be an ideal solution for plastic extrusion. 

Continuous filter belts are corrosion resistant and perform effectively under very high temperature and pressure. The constant filter belt has to bear tremendous force into the extrusion machine. To resist such pressure, the weave pattern of the belt should be very sturdy and firm. 

The reverse Dutch Weave pattern is such that it offers high durability and resistance against any pressure and temperature. It is a healthy combination of wires having various diameters. 

Besides, the continuous filter belt can be manufactured in wide ranges as per the customized specifications. 

Continuous Filter Belt

The latest high tech and robust plastic extrusion machinery is equipped with an automatic screen changing mechanism; these machines run automatically without any human intervention and thus provide consistent and economical production.

The filter belt is fitted inside the screen changer component, allowing uninterrupted production and high filtering performance in Blown and Cast film sheet line, Compounding, Pipe Extrusion, Multilayer Plant and Tape plant having an inbuilt pressure sensor mechanism. 

During the mechanical process, there is an increase of backpressure in the extrusion machine that pushes the clogged filter belt further with the help of pressure sensors so that the fresh portion can be available to use and the filtration remains activated.

Chengshi has successfully developed the knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process of continuous filter belts. We are the most trusted brand to manufacture highly durable, customized, and economized filtration solutions for all types of plastic extrusion machines to increase production. 

We cater to many industries dealing with the plastic and polymer melt. We are here to handle all the general or specified filtration inquiries.

Our products are well tested through rigorous quality control before the dispatch as we aim to offer the most excellent product, ready to use. Over the period, Chengshi has earned a high reputation and brand value in the market. 

Our products are widely honoured and accepted by the end-users. Since we manage all the manufacturing tasks under one roof, it becomes possible for us to economize our product prices compared to others in the market. Besides, we maintain the vast stock of all types of Wire mesh and other ready to use filtration accessories to deliver in the shortest period.

The valuable and inspirational feedback from our esteemed clientele helps us to develop better. 

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