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Polymer Candle Filter:

The polymer melt process requires various applications and filtration stages to manufacture the desired products from its raw material.

To achieve high-quality fiber with fewer breaks, the polymer melt formation must be consistent, free from the gel lumps, and without oversize contamination.

This type of precise process needs the proper installation of a filtration system that provides the expected outcome.

While making ultra-thin films, optical grade resins, or strong fibers, the polymer’s quality significantly impacts the product.

Sometimes the filtration process becomes complex to obtain an excellent and precise outcome. A polymer candle filter is an ideal solution that helps to remove maximum contamination from the melt.

State of the Art Craftsmanship:

The Polymer candle filter is manufactured using a superior, mechanically robust stainless steel structure. It should comply with the most aggressive environments facing high temperature, pressure, or abrasion.

The polymer candle filter unit is manufactured as per the customized design and applications of the user. The filter consists of two parts, the adapter core, and the pleated wire mesh filter.

The Pleated wire mesh filter is produced using state an art pleating machine; this process helps increase the filter’s surface area.

All the wire mesh layers are clubbed in perfect symmetry and welded. The ends of the wire mesh should be burr-free so that the cap at the top and bottom are finely joined through Plasma Arc Welding.

After acquiring the desired dimensions, the candle filter is passed through the finishing process, cleaned, and electropolished. And Finally, It has to undergo the established standards of quality control.

After the QC Engineers’ approval, the polymer candle filter finally goes for packing and dispatch.


The pleating of wire mesh helps increase the filtration area of the filter. This eventually also increases the dirt holding capacity, reduces the pressure difference, and finally increases the filter’s working life.

Polymer candle filters are mainly used where the continuous filtration process is needed with minimum supervision. It is designed to decontaminate quickly and can be used multiple times, having a durable life span.

By using the right filtration solution, it is possible to achieve improved performance and reduce operating costs. A significant benefit of continuous melt filtration systems is to reduce or eliminate the large pressure changes in the extruder.

Chengshi has mastered the art of manufacturing polymer candle filters in the industry. We offer superior Pleated Polymer Candle filter units in various sizes, kinds, and types, suitable for all types of filtration units.

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