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Let’s Know About Metallic Fiber Felt Media

The Metallic Felt is an ideal and highly effective filter media suitable to perform at high temperature, pressure, and corrosion atmosphere. It is a depth-based filtration media where many metallic fiber strands are suppressed, bonded, and heated together to remove the contamination with its large absorbing capacity.

Fiber felts are fragile membrane/filaments and can be obtained from stainless steel and other alloys. This felt is very durable and often used in highly challenging applications.

Metallic Fiber Felt has uniform pore size, high absorbency, and dirt holding capacity. It has a capacity of holding the contamination even under 60 microns. Due to its flexibility, it can also be welded, folded, and reused. It is highly aggressive and may tend to be an expensive affair initially, but it would later be proved as an economical cleaning substance.

The metal fibers have low electrical resistance compared to other types of fibers. Its low electrical resistance properties, it can be used for any application where electrical conductivity is needed. Their excellent thermal resistance makes them resist extreme temperatures.

The addition of high-grade alloys in stainless steel or other metals makes it anti-corrosive. Other advantageous mechanical properties of metal fibers include ductility, shock resistance, fire resistance, and sound insulation.

Metal fiber felt media is being used for its uniqueness in highly challenging applications. The advantage of having the combination of excellent absorbent material with high corrosion and temperature resistance is a value-added quality. The latest development in this area uses metallic and non-metallic fibers to obtain better results.

Producing metallic fibers involves heating the metal until it evaporates then dropping it at high pressure onto the polyester film. This process results in flexible, more durable fiber threads, which are generally thin in volume.


Metallic fiber felt has a complete application in the filtration of polymer and other related products; apart from that, the usage has extended towards the filtration of air and gas filtration in the aviation industry, to recover chemical and high-temperature liquids recycling, medical and pharmaceutical fields, oil and lubricants filtration, etc.

Other Uses of Metal Fibers

Metallic yarns can be knit, braided, and woven to add fashion to the fabrics. The yarns made out of metal can be combined with other natural or synthetic fibers like wool, cotton, nylon, viscose, etc. Stainless steel and other metal fibers are used in digital media and communication in the form of communication and television cables.

The presence of Stainless steel fibers also exists in manufacturing carpets. They are blended carefully with other fibers to produce the desired smoothness. They help to conduct electricity so that the static shock generated by the polymer fibers is reduced. These types of carpets are often used at the place where sensitive gadgets like computers are being used.

They are also being used in the cut resistant gloves for the butchers and heavy and dangerous machinery operators. The numerous examples prove that metallic fiber felt media is an ideal element for versatile utilities.

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