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Single and Multi-Layer Extruder Screen

 Extruder Wire Mesh Screen

An extruder filter screen is a consumable component used in any extrusion machine to process polymer or plastic melt. This screen is a customized product made according to the specifications of the extruder machine. 

It is made from stainless steel or plain steel wire mesh. It can be either a single layer or multi-layered spot welded or packed into the metal frame to provide firmness.

The mesh counts and the arrangements of the wire mesh layer are mainly determined by the quality of output required by the user.

The screen is a frequently consumable object; the clogged or blocked screens can be cleaned or replaced when required. 

Making of an Extruder Screen

The extruder screen is cut from the wire mesh roll by punching with an appropriate mold.

While manufacturing the extruder screens, the wire mesh roll is thoroughly checked and passed through vigilant quality control measures.

The wire mesh selection must be of the exact specification, the mesh count, the wire diameter, and the weaving pattern should completely match the customer’s specifications.

Apart from making a single-layer extruder screen filter, we have mastered the art of making multi-layered spot-welded filters and spin pack filters. We have a welding facility where all spot welding works are done with great care and efficiency. 

Since it is a fast consumable product, the end-users are always looking for a cost-effective product to run their production smoothly. 

It can only be achieved if the same manufacturer has all the processes managed in-house.

We have the most extensive stock of various types of molds to meet any customized requirement.

It helps us to produce the desired screens faster than others, and we don’t even levy the mold cost from the clients unless it is a particular requirement.


We provide complete filtration solutions for the extrusion machines used by industries manufacturing.

  • Masterbatches
  • Polypropylene Yarn
  • PP Spun Bond Fabrics 
  • Plastic Granules
  • PVC Compounds
  • Blown Films

Why Chengshi Filter and Mesh is the Best Manufacturer of Extruder Screens?

We have well-equipped manufacturing units where all types of premium quality value-added filtration accessories are being shaped up on a 24 x 7 basis.

Our weaving junction is added with super-fast weaving machines, and we are the largest stockist of all types of filter screens in a vast quantity. 

So it becomes elementary for us to act fast upon receiving the order and deliver in the shortest period. Apart from the conventional, we are always ready to meet new challenges for specific or customized filtration solutions.

Over the period, we have earned the trust and high reputation of our widespread clients. We are now the most popular brand in the field of filtration accessories. We are the market leaders and fast approaching the other corners of the globe.

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