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Spin Pack Filter Screen

Spin Pack Filter screens can be defined as Multi-layered wire mesh screens, clubbed together and bonded using a frame of Ferrous or Non-Ferrous metal.

The Binding metal offers the required strength to the pack against the pressure and temperature of the molten liquid and prevents the foreign particles to slide inside the filtered polymer from the sides.

Normally the main filtration screen is placed in the center and is supported by coarse meshes.

The coarse mesh prevents the infiltration of more significant-sized foreign particles and defends the filtration screen from the direct flow of the molten plastic.

Specifications of Spin Pack Filter Screens:

Layer: Single or Multi-layered.

Filter Screen Material: SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L.

Binding Material: Aluminium, Copper, Brass, and Stainless Steel. The binding border’s material grade is significant. If a cheaper or non-standard material is used, it will cause damage to the Spinneret and lead to the infiltration of foreign particles.

Shape: It is generally manufactured in Circular, D-shaped, Square, Oval, Rectangular, and other customized profiles as per the specification.

Dimensions: The dimension and the working tolerance of the spin pack filter are considered a prime necessity. The measurements should be perfect and accurate. The Spin pack filters are placed on the Spinneret of the extrusion machine.

In order to fit perfectly on the spinneret, the dimensions are expected to be exact so as to avoid any leakage while processing.

Filtration Media: As per the applications of the user, generally a couple of filtration Media are being used which can be classified as below:

Wire Mesh: Wire mesh is a woven filtration substance manufactured on hi-tech weaving machines using the wires of suitable gauge and grade of stainless steel—the selection of weaving patterns depends upon the usage and pressure bearing capacity. The most popularly used weaving patterns are Plain Weave, Plain Dutch Weave, or Twill Dutch Weave.

Metal Fiber Sheet (Non-Woven): Many applications require a greater dirt-holding capacity under high temperature and pressure, it is advised to use metal fiber media for better performance.

Benefits of Spin Pack Filters:

Spin Pack Filter Screen is an important component in the polymer melt filtration during the extrusion process.

It restricts the entry of other unwanted contaminations during the melt extrusion process and delivers the desired quality of polymer yarn.

Spin pack components are generally made to the order consumable parts, as per the user’s extrusion line design.

Due to its convenient design, it’s easy to replace frequently. They are relatively economical and can be manufactured as per the required specifications.

The primary function of the spin pack filter is to Separate particulate contaminations from the fluid. These contaminants may be parted into two categories:

• Solid particles from polymer melt, such as corrosion from the pipelines and the body of the extrusion machine.

• Gel particles from the melting polymer.

The contamination with a size bigger than the pore size is retained on the filter’s coarse wire mesh screen while the finer particles are trapped by the main wire mesh filter screens.

Application of Spin Pack Filters:

The stiff universal competition has compelled polymer yarn producers to select proper spin pack filter media to produce the required quality and performance.

The choice and usage of filter media depend on the manufacturing process. A perfect filter media creates a balance between the yarn’s quality and the life and cost of the spin pack and filter media. The critical task of these media is to maintain dirt-holding and low differential pressure.

Why Chengshi is the Best Manufacturer?

We always insist to manufacture premium quality value-added Spin Pack Filter screens using the best raw materials.

We emphasize the perfect finish like a flat & smooth surface, ultrasonic cleaning, consistent aperture size, and appropriate wire diameter.

Besides the conventional and regular sizes, our proficiency is in manufacturing customized spin pack filters for specific applications.

Our produced Spin Pack Filters undergo strict quality control as we maintain high parameters at every production stage as per ISO standards.

We maintain a tradition to prepare documentation at every stage of the manufacturing that helps us to track the manufacturing process for a specific product.

The manufactured Spin Pack Filters are cleaned ultrasonically for the immaculate finish and packed in a crush-proof packing affixed by a printed label stating the product’s details and destination.

Our perfectly crafted spin pack filters are ready to use. Our most modern and high-tech manufacturing units are always eager to meet any challenges. We aim to offer error-free products to our clients.

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