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All About Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is a vital industrial product, woven using wires of various Ferrous and non-Ferrous metals of different diameters.

Wire mesh is sometimes referred to as woven wire cloth, manufactured by winding wires of different diameters running vertical and horizontal way and passing through over and under each other as per the pre-decided patterns. Some of the widely used weave patterns include







Wire mesh is usually woven using stainless steel wires of various diameters and grade. The weaving pattern depends upon its use. It’s a customized product and made according to its usage. 


The significant applications of wire mesh are separating, screening, structuring, and shielding. Due to its strength and high durability, it offers multiple services.

It’s being used to make a wide array of products for domestic and industrial purposes. In the industrial segment, wire mesh is primarily used for filtration, screening, and protecting ideals. The wire mesh is determined by the number of holes per inch or the size of the aperture.

Due to its high flexibility, the stainless steel wire can skilfully be woven with other metal or wires of the different gauges. The texture of the wire is lusty and can be braided and twisted. 

It is considered hygienic and safe due to its anti-corrosive and non-alkaline properties and is mainly used in food processing and pharma industries.

Wire mesh products are perhaps the oldest forms used for screening, separation, and filtration. Wire mesh is a vital and indispensable ingredient for every processing industry like food and edible, cosmetic and fragrance, colorant and chemicals, pharma, and many more.

Besides, wire mesh filter products are applicable in the space shuttle, beverage bottling, industrial screening, mining, and oilfield pipelines.

The Contribution of Chengshi:

Chengshi is an acclaimed and most renowned brand actively involved in offering a superior quality assortment of wire mesh. The company takes the needs of customers as the fundamental starting point.

Over the period, we have mastered the art of manufacturing the wire mesh from 3 mesh to 1400 mesh/sq inch for super fine filtration. 

Our customized and futuristic wire mesh filtering solutions are extensively used for various industrial applications. We use our diligent clinical competence to produce superior quality wire meshes .

Uncompromised manufacturing standards, certified and well-tested processes at every stage and comprehensive inspection procedures ensure the consistently high quality of our industrial wire mesh, which are ready to meet any world class requirement.

Chengshi has an outstanding contribution to the prevailing industries. We have a fleet of various types of CNC-operated weaving machines supported by the latest technologies, and they are busy weaving all kinds of wire mesh 24 x 7.

We have a massive manufacturing facility equipped with the latest machinery to produce quality wire mesh at the fastest possible pace to overcome the ever-growing and enormous demands for various products.

We weave as per the ASTM standards, which is accepted globally. Since we manufacture everything under the same roof, it becomes easy for us to control the prices and offer our products at the best competitive prices.

All the orders are documented very carefully at every stage of manufacturing. The products have to pass through our rigorous quality control test.

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