How Plastic is Recycled Using Wire Mesh Filters?

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Plastics Recycle Process
April 25, 2021

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Plastic is almost an indispensable and versatile material of modern times. We cannot imagine life without the use of it. It’s a by-product of petroleum crude.

While filtering and processing the crude, many by-products are parted, and plastic is one of them. The usable form of plastic came into existence during the early ’70s.

It takes ages to destroy it but instead, we can maximize its lifespan by recycling. Plastic is a daily consumable material, but we gather- mountains of waste by disposing of it carelessly.

The Recycling Process:

Recycling is a waste management approach that has a great concern for industrial ecology. The reusable material can be obtained by processing the plastic scrap.

Extrusion Machine

The recycling process begins by segregating different types of plastic material, washed and shredded for easy and clean melting. This is a better way to recover the plastic and converting into usable products.

The Followings Are Broadly Prevailing Methods Of Plastic Recycling:

Mechanical Recycling: Here the plastic scrap is sorted, cleaned, washed and other impurities are removed. It is grounded into Nano flakes and sent to the extrusion machine for melting. After melting the final material is usually the plastic granules which can be used further to produce the different plastic products.

Chemical Recycling: The retained plastic waste is converted into powder form and left for the chemical process to melt. With the help of innovative technologies, the recycling process has become more cost-effective and advanced.

The process of plastic recycling relates to recovering usable and functional plastic from the plastic waste and scrape. This is a better way to conserve the virgin plastic material and saves the usable plastic going to unrecoverable places like land cavities and oceans. The recycling process helps to decrease the spread of plastic pollution.

Use of Wire Mesh Filters in Plastic Recycling:

It requires fine, durable, and cost-effective filtration that can remove the maximum impurities and avail the refined outcome from the polymer melt. The stainless steel wire mesh with different mesh sizes proved an ideal solution to filter the plastic melt during the extrusion process.

Wire Mesh Extruder Screen

It can be used as single or multi-layered extrusion screens to filter the unwanted particles during the melting process. Due to its sturdy weaving patterns, the stainless steel extruder filter or wire mesh can be used multiple times to provide greater productivity.


PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a lightweight, economical and multipurpose material, being used in various applications such as making of bottles to contain edibles, agro-nets, sportswear, clothing, and many other eco-friendly and non-woven products.

Looking at the wide array of usable products made from recycled PET material, it is perhaps the largest volume being recycled. The recycling process minimizes the effects on the environment.

The Polyester staple fiber extracted from the PET recycling process is used to produce multiple products such as mattresses, pillows, clothing, filling materials, etc.

PET Bottles

The PET bottles are collected, sorted, shredded, chopped, cleaned thoroughly by the best possible means, and then taken for the melt. The melted softened melt passes through various filters and the outcome is converted into thin fibers.


According to scientific research, the fabric made using recycled filaments consumes much lesser energy and water compared to the virgin flacks abstracted directly from the crude oil.

PET Bottles

The quality of the yarn obtained from this process mainly depends upon the quality of PET bottles (raw materials) used in the process. The length of the fiber filaments depends upon what type of fabric is to be manufactured. It is possible to yield colored yarn by adding the required color during the melting process.

Use of Wire Mesh Candle Filter in Plastic Recycling: The polymer candle filters are made of stainless steel to bear all types of pressure and temperature of the molten polymer.

Polymer Candle Filter

The pleated wire mesh increases the filtration surface area of the filter. Due to the unique design of the filter structure, it removes the utmost contamination from the polymer melt and works for a longer period.

It has higher dirt holding capacity compared to other filtering solutions, this increases the working life of the filter and eventually helps reducing change over time.

If the pleated wire mesh gets jammed due to an excessive cake deposition of the unwanted particles, it can be cleaned or replaced easily to perform better.

Advantages of Polymer Candle Filter:

  • It can easily be removed, installed, and cleaned.
  • It offers the performance worth to its cost.
  • It has an amazing pressure-bearing capacity.
  • It takes less floor space to be installed.
  • It is quite beneficial that a single machine can run multiple candle filters and after the run, the deposition of filter cake can be removed easily for the next use.

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